Sonntag, 18. August 2013

57th European Go Congress Olsztyn 2013

A few moments to learn, a lifetime to master. Thats Go!

In this two weeks, during 10 rounds of main tournaments, 5 rounds in weekend tournament and in nice friendly games and disscusions, i did meet many nice peoples who love that great game Go.

This was one of my tournament games.

 Professional were commenting games

And even the children's played great games and showed them to professional.

Simultaneous games with professional.

professional teaching , holding lectures and showing other talents.

Go uses the most elemental materials and concepts
 -- line and circle, wood and stone, black and white --
 combining them with simple rules to generate subtle strategies and
complex tactics that stagger the imagination.

Iwamoto Kaoru, 9-dan professional Go player and former Honinbo title holder


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