Freitag, 14. Januar 2011


Bubbles, bubbles all around -
Both big and small ones to be found!
Some offer fun and tricks for you,
While others have their jobs to do!
The bubbles that you blow up high
Can catch a breeze and almost fly!
With bubble tricks you'll be the best
And show your skills to all the rest!
Detergent bubbles can get mean
To get your clothes and dishes clean.
Their power comes from plants or oil -
Then do their job to bust your soil!
It's true that bubbles can be fun
But then, when all their work is done
It's down the drain to meet their fate
And Poof! They just evaporate!


Lu hat gesagt…

Geniale Fotos, man sieht ja sogar viele Regenbögen ;-) Hast dich wohl im Herbst im Tessin "it d'seifäblätterli" verliebt :-)

Sandra hat gesagt…

stimmt ;-)

tim hat gesagt…

Sehr schön... lässt mich wieder ein wenig Kind sein!


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